Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly
Don't let it's wasp-like appearance fool you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Let the games begin.

So today I woke up thinking about how to go about building my harvester. I looked at a few different DIY Black Soldier Fly growers/harvesters online, and decided to make my first attempt go the "budget route." Budget meaning free, being that I planned on building it out of scrap wood that is laying around the farm. I decided that best way to go was to build a miniature version of the Bug Barracks. So I went to work and had it all built in about 2 hours, minus the harvest hole and containers, because I lacked the proper tools at the time. To give you a good idea about construction times, I am an engineering student, so drawing designs is my cup of tea, but I come up short in the carpentry department. I figure anybody could probably put together a full size BSFL home in about 2-3 hours solo, and probably an hour or so with another set of hands. I decided to go ahead and keep things simple and just go for it with this prototype, and see if I can get a small colony going with it. If so, I plan to build one or more on a much larger scale. So far so good though, and I'll post pictures of the bug house as soon as I can.

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